Some things I've done. There are always more projects on my GitHub or sourcehut. Currently these pages are very incomplete, but I will expand on them in the future.



zosh is an ongoing project to write a complete POSIX shell in Zig. Currently there is very little work done, but progress is s l o w l y being made. See the code on sourcehut here.



This is a basic version of snake, written in Zig. This was the first project I made with Zig, and as such, much of the code is messy. It should run on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows, but I have not tested on any platform other than Linux. You can find the sou…

Infinite Tic-Tac-Toe was a project I wrote based off of a discussion I had with friends during my senior year of highschool. It is written in under 300 lines of Rust code, and runs on any platform Rust compiles to (probably).